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What Makes Go2 Bait Products Different?


  • 100% Hand-poured
  • Unbelievable Action
  • Super Soft
  • Solid - No Air Pockets
  • High Flotation
  • Extremely Durable


Every angler needs a "go to" in their tackle box, so . . .
Get Yourself a Go2!

Handcrafted to the highest standards using only the finest quality materials available; that is why we believe Go2 Baits are the best baits on the market today.

Just compare a hand-poured Go2 Bait with any traditional soft plastic bait
in your tackle box and you'll see the difference right away.

You'll increase your catch and become a more versatile, confident angler
every time you use a Go2 Bait!



What's "HOT" Now !!

Go2Baits "JOLT" Swimbaits are Hand poured,Super Soft,Light-Weight Baits

with Amazing Durability and Live Swimming Action. This Bait Features an

Oversized Paddle Tail and Belly Slit for Easy Rigging.        

Does your Swim Bait do this?? Our 5"inch 

"Jolt" swimbait is 100% hand-poured and 

is the most flexible swim bait on the 



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